Workshop Descriptions

2019 workshops to be announced soon!!

We have left last years topics so you can get an idea of the quality of this conference

Katolen Yardley - Enhance Your Foods using Herbal Powders: A unique Medicine Making Class
Join us for an interactive class and learn how to incorporate using Herbal powders into your daily life and your cooking. Create delicious herbal medicine recipes for your family. We will review medicinal actions of some tonic & adaptogen plants used in class and explore ways then can be used in food preparation. Bring a spoon, bowl and cup to participate. During this workshop we will create and sample some delicious edible medicines from powdered herbs.

Herbal Medicine for Women's Health - An interactive talk discussing some  important female tonic herbs, herbal options for common female health concerns and various herbal applications to support a woman's moon cycle time. 

Fern Wynn - A talk on Devils Club,  energetic and physical application. 
A versatile and treasured pacific northwestern plant, in this class we will discuss both practical application for physical use as well as energetic indications of Devils Club. We will cover ethical sourcing and harvesting methods, as well as a plant meditation with devils club tincture. 

Erin Vanhee - Wisdom of the Bones: Aligning Past, Present and Future with Plants
Many cultural teachings reflect our soul “ DNA” held in the bones, from chakras to the Hawai’an
teaching and rituals surrounding the bones. Addressing bone form and function can unleash a wave of healing pathways physically, emotionally and spiritually. Is it possible that we can use plants (and simple bodywork) to open the sacrum/ lumbar spine and release ancestral energies that may be slowing our decisions to move on in life? Could that respiratory ailment be our soul DNA/story held in the thoracic spine that needs to be released and reset with a drop of Lobelia? Is Angelica a plant to open communication with our bones/soul to enhance our creativity? And where do our plants with strong doctrine of signatures of the bone and spine (Mullein, Solomon’s Seal, Horsetail) fit in?
The Wisdom of the Bones is a powerful perspective of looking beyond the physical aspects of
pain and disease to open blockages of the past, present and future. In this experiential class, we will
observe a volunteer and assess the spine/bone form and function and use somatic testing of herbs to
guide the person into balance.

We Love Plants! Plant Walk
This plant walk is intended to deepen our connection to the plants and plant community around us.
From the seashore wonders to the towering evergreens and understory plants; each has a distinct desire to join us in our journey on this Earth. Learn the nourishing and healing aspects of some of your favorites and some insights into how to use plants in ways that you may not have known or experienced. Plant uses as well as sustainable harvests and answers to what, when and how to process the plants for optimum potency and effect.

Anna Sitkoff  - Medicinal Mushrooms of the PNW: Relationship, incorporation and physic
We will be exploring medicinal mushrooms on multiple levels; journeying with the mushrooms through the world of ethnomycology, spirituality, biochemistry, pharmacognosy and the most current research. This class will cover mushroom identification of local medicinal mushrooms, the collection season, and fresh fruiting body processing/medicine making methods. We will also discuss formulating with mushrooms and their practical and clinical applications. People will leave this class feeling confident in using polypore mushrooms in medicine and food, and have a thorough understanding of how these mushrooms are supporting us on a physiological, emotional, energetic and spiritual level.

Joe & Nessa Rothstein - Cultivating Mindful Ritual for the Self
Come to experience ritual and community in a new way. This class explores the dynamic of each participant as being necessary to the whole. We create ritual through divination. We experience mindfulness as we ingest herbal tea. Self awareness follows as ceremony transforms the environment. Learn how to hold yourself in a way that matters when you communicate with people you are giving care to or being with. In deep presence, we observe. From our own selves, we create the possibility to heal. Together, we create. Learn to tap into your own inner magic of self and being for the goodness and transformation of all.

Michael Pilarski - Medicinal Herb Micro-Farming
This workshop will give you an idea of the possibilities of getting into small-scale medicinal herb production. Species selection, tillage, fertilizing, organic methods, spacing, propagation, planting, weeding, and so forth. We will discuss examples of rhizomatous bed crops, subshrubs, annuals, biennials, 4-year root crops, long-term perennials, trees, etc.

Julie Charette Nunn - Summer Solstice Plants
Come join me for an expansive exploration of the plants of the summer solstice, St. Joan’s Wort, Yarrow, Wild Rose, Cronewort and more.  The time of the summer solstice is a time of the widening of earth energy.  It is a wonderful time to connect with soul and the soul’s calling.  These plants can facilitate a lot and are not just medicinal. Through listening exercises you will discover this.  Through lively discussion you will be also learn ways to connect, gather and prepare summer solstice plants for soul medicine.  

Claire Nollman - Flower Crowns for a Fertile Mind
Throughout history, flower crowns have been worn in ceremony and celebration, to
honor fertility, purity, triumph, and the divinity of nature. In this workshop we will
learn a variety of techniques for making our own floral head or body piece. An
offering of homegrown and wild foraged botanicals will be available to select from
as we each intuit the design of our personalized adornments. While we sit and
create together, all participants will have a chance to share something about the
plants they chose to incorporate. The discussion will be open to anything, from
scientific properties, to personal anecdotes, or intentions to deepen the connection
with a plant’s particular magic. We will enhance the fertility of our minds for new
learning to grow, as we don our crowns (or gift them to others!) throughout the
weekend and beyond. "There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance. Pray you, love, remember. And there is pansies, that’s for thoughts". -Ophelia

Kelly Nickerson - PNW Plant Walk - This is a PNW herb walk like no other. We will team up during this class and drill the names of the wild herbs in the forestland into our brains! My goal is to equip you with the knowledge to teach others the names and identifying botanical features of our wild plants. Getting to the know the plants around us is so important! Please join in on this fun and informative herb walk!

Joyce Netishen - The Medicine Light of Flower Essences - Flower essences are potent and quiet water based flower infusions that are preserved with brandy, vinegar or glycerin.  They have no scent and do not contain the physical substances and constituents of the plants, making them very safe to use with children and babies coming into the world, elders and others leaving it, and all the seasons of life in between.

Many of us know what it feels like to stand in a beautiful garden or a deep, wild wood.   It changes us, makes us feel better and pay closer attention, we inhabit our bodies and sense and feel and notice.  We receive a healing.  

The plants are responding to us, informing us, speaking plant talk and changing our vibration.

And so it is with flower essences.  The essences don’t change us, they inspire and re-kindle our sacred inner flame so that we remember who we were made to be.  They encourage us to soften up, open up and rise up within our self and walk in the direction of our dreams. Flower essences make the world a more beautiful place. Join me in this conversation about flower essences and learn how to make and formulate them, and begin to use the essences for yourself, and those you love.

Glen Nagel - Fifty Shades of Grey: The Herb / Drug interaction continuum
There is much talk in the news and media on the potential of drug/ herb interactions.
This talk will cover practical knowledge and common concerns for the herbalist in the
confusing grey area of possible interactions. Dr Nagel will discuss the most common
herbs and the perceived potential for interactions and the reality of interactions and
present a five-point system for determining if there are possible herb and drug
interactions. There will also be an overview of resources in this field for clinicians

Herbal Foams, Fluffs and Whips: An introduction to the pressurized whipper - There is so much to learn in herbalism from our rich historical past but creating new and innovative ways to use herbs in fun and exciting. In this workshop Dr Glen Nagel will discuss bringing innovations from the world of modern gastronomy to herbalism. We will discuss and demonstrate the use of the pressurized whipper using NO2 and CO2 tomake foams, fluffs and whips. We will explore using different bases such as gums, seaweed gels, egg whites and fats. Let’s have fun with laughing gas in a new safe way!

Anna Matriotti: Healing our Ecology of Communication: Functional and Herbal Perspectives on Hormonal and Neurohormonal Health  - Our hormones are messengers from an unseen world.  They drive, guide, shape, and work magic every millisecond of every day of our lives, and yet we know so little about this multilayered dynamic reality.  To truly flourish we need optimal hormonal communication, and when communications breakdown, trouble begins.  In this workshop we will dive into the connection between our hormonal systems and nervous system and how these two play together to create homeostasis and wellbeing.  We will look at both functional perspectives on how to support these communication networks as well as traditional herbal strategies for nourishing and healing hormonal patterns and our inner ecology. 

Michelle Mahler - Green pet and homecare
Learn how to use Essential oils for making kitchen & bathroom cleaners, disinfectant sprays and all natural drain cleaners. In this hands on workshop Michelle will share her 25 years of experience as an owner of a housecleaning business. Tips, tricks and recipes for effective, easy to use ALL NATURAL products you can make with baking soda, vinegar, essential oils and more! You will  learn how to safely mix treatments for dogs, cats, flea repellents, skin & ear issues, pain relief and digestive issues and petcare for hotspots/itchy skin and MORE!

Diana Law - Extracting herbs in witch hazel for topical applications
Learn about extracting herbs in witch hazel for topical applications ranging from lotions and creams to liniments. We'll explore the benefits of using witch hazel as a solvent for constituents and scent. There will be preparations and examples of various herbs using this form of extraction to sample as well as a hand out of recipes of some of these for you to make yourself!

Denise Joy  - Herbal Simple and complex syrups:
This is a fun and yummy way too store all kinds of great herbals for Coughs and colds, to that extra special pancake syrup, or turkey dressing. We will make syrup, using what you would have in your Kitchen. In this class we will create simple syrup,
Talk about the properties.
Methods of making syrup, with garden or wild ingredients.
What is in syrups?
Why choose syrup over other herbal methods:
How to make Herbal syrups:
Do I use Honey or vinegar or both?
These question and more will be answered in this fun, hands on class

Natalie Hammerquist - Tongue Assessment for Beginners
The tongue mirrors the exact state of the digestive terrain in the body the way that a map
represents a city. Color, thickness, coating and shape all carry meaning that helps us
understand what types of imbalance (or balance) may be within. Learning to read these signs
helps us monitor this in ourselves or in clients, and can help us select the right herbs and diets
to bring things back into balance.

Assessing Digestion and Selecting Herbs
Using the four qualities (hot/ cold, damp/dry), I will be presenting methods for assessing tongue
and bodily symptoms to determine what type of digestive imbalance is present, and what herbs
might be most ideal for that type. Primary, we will be discussing the difference between hot and
cold digestion, but also damp and dry. We will cover indications for herbs such as peach leaf,
rose petal, marshmallow root, shatavari root, rhubarb root, yellow dock root, magnolia bark,
gentian root, oregon grape bark, angelica root and elecampane root. Intermediate level class. 

Natasha Clarke - A visit with Monotropa Uniflora - An Alien Inquiry
Join me for a jaunt in the woods as we go and visit one of the most intriguing plants of this bio region, Monotropa Uniflora also known as Ghost Pipe. We will discuss sustainability, how they grow and range, medicine of the path as well as physical and emotional uses and the medicinal effects of this little being - and if the occasion arrises we will taste a bit of their medicine and sit in song with them for a while.

Ryan DrumMens Herbal Health - In this class we will cover herbs, diet and lifestyles that are beneficial for maintaining male health as well as covering herbs, food and lifestyle approaches that are detrimental.

Land and Sea Beach Walk - We will be looking at and talking about sea vegetables as well as herbs that grow along the intertidal zone

Spontaneous Case Studies - Willing participants will have the opportunity to put a personal health issue in the Magic Hat where Ryan will at random choose to discuss in detail causes, approaches and healing modalities around the issue at hand.

Alyssa DeBord - Feeding the Flora - A Radically Natural Approach to Skincare

Our skin is a living, breathing, regenerative tissue blooming with bacterial diversity. It is our largest organ and a vital ecosystem that sends signals about the health of our whole being. Unfortunately, modern chemical laden skincare routines and lifestyle have led to rampant dermal dysbiosis. In this class we'll discuss nutrition and plants that will support us in reseeding the microbiome of the skin, and examine how to harmonize with the elements to cultivate vitality from the inside out. 

Emma Day - Stars on Earth: Plants and Astrology
There is an old belief that every star in the heavens has a corresponding sister plant on earth. An understanding of the connection between the cosmos, and our earth and all its creatures, runs as a golden thread through so many human wisdom traditions - as above, so below, as within, so without. The study of the influences that celestial bodies have on the earth and all life is an ancient, extremely nuanced and complex realm of study called astrology. Many of the roots of the Western Herbal tradition draw deeply from astrological teachings, and much of the plant knowledge that has come down to us is filtered through this same lens.  

Together we will be exploring the energies of the 7 personal planets and how they manifest in the colors, behaviors, habitats, and medicinal, spiritual, and magical applications of plants associated with them. You will develop a foundational understanding of the elements and planetary energies, as well as how to use plant medicines to balance the soul processes that the planets and astrological signs embody, encourage, and represent. 

This class will be more fruitful if you know (or learn) ahead of time your sun, moon, and rising astrological signs. Please email me if you’re unsure how to find this information,

Blooming From Our Wounds: Plant Allies for Unraveling Trauma
Trauma has become a buzzword these days. This naming has the potential to be an extremely helpful lens through which to see ourselves, others, and the world around us, and to become a tool for empathy, growth, and radical change. In this discussion, trauma will be framed primarily as a disconnection of the spirit or wider self from the body, from parts of the emotional self, from relationships with others, and from the living earth. 

In this class we will be exploring a wide array of traumas and their expressions: physical and somatic, emotional and spiritual, ancestral, as well as the traumatic reality of oppression, and the fear, grief, and apathy that accompanies living in the Anthropocene era. It is important to place the experience(s) of trauma within a social and ecological framework, so that as we work to unravel the bindings of our own pain and woundings, we are also working to unravel the toxic beliefs, institutions, and life ways of our current culture.

We will focus on plants that have specific affinities to some aspect of the wounding and the healing of it, those that act as teachers, guides, and balms for the shame, isolation, and fear that accompanies trauma. Trees and herbs that are accessible in the urban space will be prioritized in discussion, especially weeds as medicine, and sustainable remedies like flower essences. My hope is that all will leave this class with a greater sense of compassion for the ingenious ways ourselves respond to pain and trauma, and rediscover a sense of hope. That with the help of the wise and powerful plants, we can begin mending the disconnections.

Nikol Angel - Plant Spirit Tea Meditations - Journey into the Wisdom of Plants. Discover and deepen your intuitive connection to your green allies. Open yourself to the teachings and ancient wisdom that plants hold. Learn how to quiet your mind and begin to fully listen. We will steep in the radiance of different herbal teas and infusions. Together we will explore their medicinal healing characteristics and their spiritual, emotional offerings. Our time together will cycle through silent meditations, guided visualizations, and tastings of medicinal herbal infusions. 

Deep Therapeutic Breathwork and Sacred Sound - Experience a dynamic release, remembering your True Nature and what it is to be ALIVE within Universal Oneness. Deepen your connection to the Divine, and for a moment Trust that everything in your life is ALL RIGHT. Intentional breath work increases Vital Energy, Qi and Prana amplifying whole body circulation, and vibrational energy flow. The Breath helps us with psycho-emotional transitions in all cycles of life: birth, growth, surrender, death and rebirth. The Breath also guides the physical body in easing pain, clearing congestion and inflammation, easing anxiety and releasing past trauma. When accompanied with sacred sound, music, and song this practice becomes transformational. This is a Soul invigorating practice of Breathwork, Meditation, Visual Journey, and slow, Grace-full movements accompanied by live music. Breathe. Open. Awaken.

Qi Funk and Soul - an intentional movement dance party
Let’s DANCE!! Shake it out and swing that Groove Thing! Nikol will guide us in Intentional-Energetic movements to help awaken our senses and cultivate flowing Qi and Vital energy. All to a spirited, booty shaking playlist. 

Michael Altman - Botanical Psych Support and Neuronutrition
Michael will speak about the fundamentals of managing neurological conditions with botanicals, including summary case studies.  Amplifying emotional stability and positivity--a.k.a--mood, and optimizing diet to minimize neuro-degeneration will be part of the class.  Michael will also focus on maintaining a psych-oriented dispensary.