Welcome to the Green Gathering’s Marketplace, where our teachers and community herbalists sell or barter their wares

The Marketplace is open throughout the event with special focus on Sunday when you can take time to shop without worrying about missing classes. Come explore local herbs, elixirs and potions, medicinal herb starts, teas, aromatherapy blends, clothing and more. The Marketplace will be located in the heart of the campground next to registration. 2019 vendors to be announced soon!


Here is a sample of last years market place


Friends of the Trees Botanicals

Friends of the Trees Botanicals has been farming and wildcrafting medicinal plants for 23 years to supply tincture companies (large and small), stores and herbalists. We specialize in fresh shipments. At the Green Gathering we will have herb books, dry herbs and a display of fresh flowering herbs. We are networking for herb growers, wildcrafters and buyers.



Belly Mamma

Homesteading heathen & heretic, wise woman herbalist, and female empowering artist who lives and works with the moon.


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Cascadia Folk Medicine

Since 2004 Cascadia Folk Medicine has been dedicated to supplying the Pacific Northwest plant medicine community with high-quality, local botanical medicines imbued with the spiritual essence of the forest. We have spent many years developing relationships with these plants—praying, singing, and making offerings to them—to ensure that the fluid in these little brown tincture bottles is imbued with the spiritual essence and teachings of the forest. We hope that you will appreciate the care, respect, and love with which these medicines are made; and we humbly invite you to listen with equal care, love, and respect to the plants and put into practice the teachings offered by these divine beings of the plant kingdom.



Fucus MAn

Wildcrafted seaweeds and herbs


Bryonia Greens.jpg

Quintessential Arts

Since creating her own jewelry, Hilary is building an ever-expanding materia medica of fine silver plants.

Silver metal clay (precious metal clay, or PMC) is 99.9% pure silver made with eco-friendly recycled silver. Each piece is formed, cut, and filed by hand using molds from respectfully found plants. During firing, the clay binder burns off and the silver particles melt into a solid piece. The piece is then tumbled for strength and extra shine. All other metal used is sterling silver, sometimes oxidized and lightly polished like an antiqued heirloom treasure, or left a shiny silver.


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Wildcraft Leather

we will be selling hand crafted leather tool belts, hip hugging festival belts, journals and leather cuffs with plant medicine wisdom themes and art.



Shelby Mae’s Goddess Gear

Shelby Mae’s Goddess Gear are 100% HAND-MADE crafts for the common hedge witch, or any Goddess. 90% of items are ‘upcycled’. Based in Seattle, WA (USA).

Items included but not limited to...Hood-scarves, belly dance bras, travel alters, paper and hats (made from mushrooms!), jewelry, herbal wands, crystal wands, embroidered patches, book boxes, cone incense, magical mists and other fun witchy things.




Michelle Mahler

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Seattle Cancer Care Alternatives & Herbal Practitioners Buyers Club

High Quality Supplements and Herbal Formulas

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Denise Joy

Dried herbs, teas, tinctures, elixers and oils


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A Wild Light Apothecary

A Wild Light Apothecary’s product line and CSA offerings are crafted with special awareness to the energetics of the environments and plants they are made with. Most plant materials use to make these remedies come from Ferns garden or in some cases are wildcrafted, with consent from the plants and in very small quantities. These remedies include oxymels, herbal vinegars, elixirs, flower essences, single extract tinctures, and special tincture blends.



Anna Sitkoff

My mission is to educate and empower our community around building a relationship with local mushrooms and embracing their medicinal value. I'll be offering both blended and simple mushroom dual extracts made from the local Northwest medicinal mushrooms, chopped and dried mushrooms, mushroom powdered extracts and concentrated syrups. Along with the mushroom medicine, I will be sharing local plant distillation products.


Good Medicine Teas

Hand Crafted, Loose Leaf, Herbal Wellness and Classic Tea blends that help Nourish, Heal and Rejuvenate the Body, Mind and Soul. Organic, Direct Trade, Socially Responsible Artisan teas. Hand Blended in Hood River, Oregon. Drink, Discover, Thrive

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Diana Law

Flower essences, plants, cordials and class information



Readings and Balance your Feels aromatherapy - with Charli


Simon Gomez

Hand Crafted Jewlery

The Green Gathering welcomes medicine makers, kitchen witches, plant growers, crafters, potion makers, and artisans of all kinds to sell their wares. Those interested in vending can email Natasha at greengatheringwa@gmail.com with Vending in the header for an application; please note there is a $100 fee upon acceptance which includes camping and a 1 person ticket for all classes. Deadline for registration is May 30th