Marketplace and Tea Tent

July 14th & 15th

Proudly supported by the American Herbalists Guild
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Welcome to the Green Gathering’s Marketplace, where our teachers and community herbalists sell or barter their wares. The Marketplace is open throughout the event with special focus on Sunday when you can take time to shop without worrying about missing classes. Come explore local herbs, elixirs and potions, medicinal herb starts, teas, aromatherapy blends, clothing and more. The Marketplace will be located in the heart of the campground next to registration.

The Green Gathering welcomes medicine makers, kitchen witches, plant growers, crafters, potion makers, and artisans of all kinds to sell their wares. Those interested in vending can email for an application; please note there is a $75 fee upon acceptance.

In addition to the marketplace Kelly Ann Nickerson of Bloom Apothecary in Anacortes is hostessing and formulating for the Green Gathering’s tea tent! Here you will be able to purchase cups of tea, chai and herbally infused goodies created by Kelly Ann and Alyssa DeBord. Please remember to bring your own mug; the first cup is free.

Adiantum School

The Adiantum (A-dee-AN-tuhm) School of Plant Medicine At the Adiantum School booth, we’ll have brochures about the school, and be available to answer questions about classes and programs. In addition, students and teachers of the Adiantum School community will be selling products at our booth. Diana Law will be selling Medicinal Plant Starts, flower essences and other handicrafts. Karica Laine (Crystalline Children) will be selling tea blends, salves and spiritual cleansing bath salts.

Bloom Apothecary

Description coming soon.

Circle of Healing Essential Oils

Circle of Healing Aromatherapy shares knowledge through community classes and workshops, speaking to groups interested in taking more control of their wellness. We do Monthly free classes at Skagit Food Coop and many more locations throughout the Northwest. Michelle Mahler will be at the vending village with her : Aromatherapy massage oils for pain relief, stress/anxiety relief, custom healing blends made on-the-spot; Magical sprays with crystal mixing beads and choose-a-charm; Power Animal Totem Scents in 1/6 and 1/3 oz roll-ons and sprays (with charm); Organic pet items: ear healing oil, skincare treatment, pain/cancer relief, flea repellent; and Green cleaning products: Peppermint/Vanilla window cleaner, Wondercleanser fizzing powder, Thieves plus Spray, and pure essential oil blends for making cleaners.

Crazy Herbalist

Description coming soon.

Cunning Crow Apothecary

The Cunning Crow Apothecary is Seattle's resource for herbal remedies, self-care products & gifts, as well as wortcunning & ceremonial supplies. We are your go to for classes on traditional magic, energy healing and herbal medicine. We also host a variety of community practitioners in our space on various days of the week.

Inner Earth Healing

Welcome to my version of knittingWell actually my handmade, hand drawn and hand crafted leather festival and wildcrafting/gardening belts, bags, journals and bracelets. I have beautiful belts that embrace the hips to hold your wildcrafting tools, or all your necessities while you dance the night away without worrying about what to do with your “bag”.

Island Herbs

seaweeds and herbs wildcrafted by Dr. Ryan Drum on Waldron Island, WA.

Reishi and Roses Botanicals

My mission is to educate and empower our community around building a relationship with local mushrooms and embracing their medicinal value. I'll be offering blended mushroom dual extracts made from the local Northwest medicinal mushrooms. I will also be providing hydrosols, herb bundles and maybe even some PNW Yarrow essential oil.

Seattle Cancer Care Alternatives

Products include:

Baker's Dozen (13 herb cap blend) mineralizing + connective tissue/antioxidant formula
Tonic 10 (10 herb/nutrient powder) GI and adaptogen support
Eleven Petals (11 flowering herb cap blend) mood/inflammation/anti-microbial, aromatherapy in a cap:)
Seven Seas (wild harvested seaweed capsule blend) detox/thyroid, mineralizer
Dynamic Duo Anthocyanins Advantage (2 extract blend) anti-inflammatory, antioxidant
Triple Crown (2 herbs and 1 extract blend) contains broccoli seed extract, fenugreek and passionflower

Sunwise Seeds

Medicinal herb seeds grown on the Olympic Peninsula for Pacific Northwest gardeners and farmers. Selected for vitality and rugged self-preservation, and grown without chemicals or synthetic fertilizers. Limited varieties available at the Port Townsend Food Co-op; full seed selection and more info available through our website.

Twig and Snip

Decorative ritual tools, talismans, and empowered objects for use on altars, around the home and in sacred spaces and ceremonies. Smudging wands, hand woven nests, herbal wall bundles, plant dyed woven talismans, gathered stones, and other magical creations. All created in partnership with the spirits of the land.

Wild Sky Honey

We are - small family apiary based in Index, Washington. We have hives throughout the Sky Valley area. We use humane, organic practices in beekeeping. We sell raw, minimally filtered honey that the bees make from the native and forest plants around us. We have honey in both jar and comb form for sale at the gathering, as well as beeswax candles, and pollen

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